Office reformation in Badalona

Badalona, Catalonia, Spain

Joan Espinàs
Xevi Prat

Interior designer
Lluís Avellan

An old house between medians typical of the center of Badalona, has been converted into a spacious and bright office thanks to the total renovation of the existing house and the extension of it, occupying the space of a small disused interior garden. The project has two very different parts, on the one hand the integral rehabilitation of the existing building, with the demolition of all the existing partitions and enclosures to achieve an open space where the main work area is organized, and on the other hand the extension of the building, with a new volume that houses the main office and the boardroom, generating in turn a passable roof that becomes the extension to the outside of the upper floor housing. Connecting both spaces a long closet hides the service spaces, the waiting room, the bathroom, the office and the staircase that goes down to the basement. The lighting of the staircase, in an overhead way, becomes a well of light that illuminates the work spaces farthest from the street and articulates the entire space.