House in Segovia

Segovia Spain

Joan Espinàs
Xevi Prat

Interior designer
Lluís Avellan

The project is located on a rectangular plot with a slight slope, located outside the town center. The house is organized in an L-shape, open to the south, thus freeing up the maximum space for the garden, through which the house is accessed and leaving a smaller and more functional space in the back (North), where place the road access. The building is closed to the North and to the neighboring plots by means of prefabricated concrete facades, with small openings and intentionally oriented, controlling what you want to see. The south-facing facades are resolved with large glazed surfaces open to the private garden space and protected from solar radiation by large panels of sliding slats. The roofs, flat and terraced, are conceived as an extension of the interior space. The functional program locates the day and common use areas on the Ground Floor, seeking all of them the maximum relationship with the garden and articulated around a central area that, raised as a bar counter, becomes the heart of the house, thus responding to the social needs of customers, closely linked to the world of catering.